Dog Paw
Teddy – RPYR Theodore Nansen THD CD RE CGCA CGCU VU AAT&A (Level 3)
Linkin – GCH RPYR Hot Rod Linkin THD BN RA CGCA VX AAT&A (Level 3)

Teddy and Linkin’s ancestors were bred to be livestock guardians in the Pyrenees Mountains of northern Spain. They have made well over 1000 therapy visits on behalf of the Love on a Leash Therapy Dog organization. They regularly go to classes and events at UCSB and visit senior citizens, children in libraries, and Special Olympics athletes. They have received many Versatility and Therapy Dog Awards from the Great Pyrenees Club of America and American Kennel Club titles for therapy, citizenship, obedience, and rally. They enjoy hiking in their spare time.