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Tommy D. Dickey's Publications

Cumulative List of Publications in Chronological Order.
Some papers are downloadable. Click on titles to download.
(R)=Refereed Article, (UR)=Unrefereed Article/Book Chapter, (RB)=Refereed Book Chapter, (PR)=Planning Report, (WR)=Workshop Report, (RR)=Reviewed Report, (DR)=Data Report, (B)=Book

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Work in Press


Work Submitted

Work in Progress

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**Over 30 Internal UCSB Ocean Physics Group Reports were also completed since 1996.

**OPL instrumentation has been shown on covers of Reviews of Geophysics, August 1991, March, 2006; Sea Technology, February 1997, June 2004; Backscatter, December 1999; Oceanography, June 2004; and UC Santa Barbara Today (also included as insert in Santa Barbara News Press), September 2000.  


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