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Scripps Pier Experiment Benign Conditions High Sea State Conditions

Scripps Pier Experiment: January 6-28, 2008
(1) Ensure all gear is working properly,
(2) Work toward integration of instruments/measurement approaches,
(3) Integrate data with models,
(4) Determine what is missing,
(5) Meet RaDyO science objectives for shallow waters.
Scripps Pier

January 2008
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4 5
Begin set-up period
Group meeting
Data collection begins
Morning briefing*
Data collection
Morning briefing
Data collection
Morning briefing
Data collection
1-hr Group meeting
Data collection
Morning briefing
Data collection
Morning briefing
Data collection
Morning briefing
Data collection
Morning briefing
Data collection
1-hr Group meeting
Data collection
Morning briefing
Data collection
Morning briefing
Data collection
Morning briefing
Data collection
Wrap-up data collection
Pack up
1-day meeting
29 30 31

*At each morning briefing, each group's "leader" will provide a listing and description of the data collected on the previous day. A log will be compiled for the entire 2-week period.

Pier Experiment Design:


(1) NW Boom Design (2) SW Boom Design
NW Boom SW Boom
(Image provided by M. Banner et al.) (Image modified from K. Melville and L. Lenain)

(3) IOP Profiler (4) Bubble Resonator (4) MASCOT Cage
IOP Bubble
(Image provided by D. Farmer and S. Vagle)
(Image provided by M. Twardowski)

Scripps Pier Measurements:

Measurement Location Sampling Frequency Point of Contact Requirements
2x Scanning Lidar
IR, Video camera, laser altimeter w/ pan & tilt
Momentum and heat flux w/ sonic Licor, rel humidity, T, P, motion package, pyranometer, pyregeometer
Video cameras
Polarized cameras (sky and water) w/ motion package
Stereo camera (water)
NW Boom Daylight hours Mike B., Chris, Howard, Russel, Johannes, and Andres 8-12 ft bench space, 1 full rack, office space for 2-3
IR, Video camera, laser w/ motion package, CO2 laser
2x Scanning Lidar
MET w/ momentum and heat
Light source w/ motion package
4 Hydrophones
2 Dopbeams
Video camera
SW Boom 20 min/hr, 24/7 Ken M., Luc, + 1 1 full rack
Underwater radiance and irradiance
Sky irradiance and total irradiance in air
Off either (both) boom(s) 5-10 min Daylight @ 500-1000 Hz
Continuously during daylight
Dariusz, Mireck, + 2 4 ft bench space
Polarized radiance distribution in water and air NW Boom (suspended), tethered ROV, cameras on roof of fixed structure 2 min during Daylight Ken V., Luke, Peru 4 ft bench space, office space for 1
apg, bp, cpg (~90 wavelengths; acs)
ag, cg (9 wavelengths; filtered ac9)
bb (9 wavelengths; bb9)
Chlorophyll fluorescence (FLNTU)
Turbidity (FLNTU)
Near forward VSF (LISST-100C)
Vertical profiles from davit on south side of pier (shore side of crane) Once per hour Grace, Frank, and Francesco (Derek and Tommy) 3 ft bench space, office space for 2
Bubble size distribution
Void fraction
On davit from trailer operating the length of the pier Continuously, 24/7 David, Svein, + 1 Office space for 1
apg, bp, cpg (84 wavelengths; acs)
ag and cg (9 wavelengths; ac9)
bb (3 wavelengths; bb3)
VSF (3 angle; ECOVSF)
VSF (10-170deg; MASCOT)
Near forward VSF (LISST-100)
On davit from trailer operating the length of the pier Hourly during daylight hours Mike T. and Scott F. Office space for 1
Radiance camera
cpg(660 nm)
Ed and Lu (7 wavelength)
Sky radiance camera
On davit from trailer operating the length of the pier and mounted on roof of fixed structure Every 2 hrs, daylight hours Marlon, Ronnie, Jianwei 4 ft bench space, office space for 2

Scripps Pier Information:
More information can be found on Ken and Luc's presentation.
(Click on "Meetings" and the checkmark under "Presentations" at the Montreal, Canada RaDyO Planning Meeting.)

  • Latitude: 3252.0'N ; Longitude:11715.4'W.
  • The Scripps Pier juts 320 meters (1,050 feet) into the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Pier deck is ~9 m off the water. Water depth ranges from ~5.5 m - 7 m.
  • Scripps Pier Data can be found at: San Diego Coastal Ocean Observing System and CDIP

    Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO)
    Marriott Residence Inn, La Jolla
    Hotel La Jolla at the Shores

    Other Notes:
    Luc is working on a network timing source for synchronization purposes (NTPD).
    Ken M. and Luc will figure out the issue with getting keys to the pier.
    Ken M. and Luc will look into rooms for morning daily briefings and longer group meetings.
    They will also look into the 17 x 8' trailer and associated budget.
    Ken M. and Luc will do some more homework on accommodations including group rates for the Marriott and other hotels.
    Be sure to bring all tools and supplies necessary for your equipment and sensors.