Guide to the RaDyO FTP Site

1. Word: Guide_to_RaDyO_ftp_site
This guide provides information about the various folders on the site. Hopefully, the titles are fairly self-explanatory. You are encouraged to provide Tommy (via email attachments) new and updated information to share. Suggestions for additional ftp site folders or website entries are welcome.

2. Folder: RaDyO Intro Powerpoints
The folder presently contains a Powerpoint presentation on the RaDyO program and was created by Tommy prior to the SBC experiment. It is divided into two parts. He plans to create an updated version when SBC experiment results begin to come in. He welcomes contributions

3. Folder: SBC_Past_Papers
The folder will contain a Bibliography and SBC papers that have been published in the past and will be useful for RaDyO investigators as they write their SBC papers. Please email Tommy pdf's of relevant papers and he will place them in this folder. There is also a folder called SBC_Physical+Optics_Climat) with SBC climatology information.

4. Folder: SBC_Prelim_Cruise_Reports
This folder contains the preliminary RaDyO cruise reports submitted by KM and FLIP investigators. Thus far, periminary reports have been received from Vagle et al. KM, Lewis et al., Stramski et al., KM, Nencioli et al. FLIP, Dickey et al.KM, Banner et al., Lenain et al., and Twardowski et al. PI's are encouraged to email Tommy their reports as soon as possible with a deadline of December 1, 2008. PIs may update their reports by sending later versions to Tommy who will replace the older versions on the ftp site.

5. Folder: KM_SBC_Daily Sched
This folder contains the daily schedules for the KM operations during the SBC RaDyO experiment.

6. Folder: KM_Information
This folder contains KM_Ship_Description, which has general information about the KM such as its size, cruising speed, lab and other working space dimensions and capabilities, navigation, communications, etc.

7. Folder: CTD and Event Forms for KM Folder contains various forms for event logging and CTD operations and recording.

8. Folder: SBC_KM_RaDyO_Data_
Within this folders are folders and pdf files with KM and MASCOT CTD data, HF radar current plots from Libe Washburn's SBC CODAR array, and data and information concerning KM Mets, underway, and CTD data processing and sensor calibrations. A pdf file with a plot of time series of winds (wind_speed) and the wind data in the Daily_5min_true_winds folder may be useful for many.

9. Folder: SBC_FLIP_RaDyO Data
This folder presently contains folders for Ken Voss¡¯ data and the UCSB (Nencioli et al.) optical profiler and moored optical package data and some accompanying plots and pictures.

10. Folder: SBC_Complementary_Data_Guide
The folder contains information enabling users to access other SBC data collected during our experiment.

11. Chao_SBC_Model_Results
Folder contains several examples of Yi Chao's (JPL) model simulations for the period of the SBC RaDyO experiment.

12. Folder: SBC_Satellite_Images_Marlon
Folder contains satellite images collected by Marlon Lewis. Satellite images from GOES, QuikScat, Aqua, and SeaWiFS

13. Folder: SBC RaDyO Pictures
This folder contains pictures taken by RaDyO scientists during the SBC Experiment September 2008: Folders are labeled by photographer - Russel Morison, Frank Spada, Scott Pegau, Masaya, Jianwei, Matt, Tommy Dickey, Kyla Buckingham, Highlight_Pictures.

14. RaDyO_Hawaii_Planning
Several files and folders relevant to the planning of the RaDyO Hawaii field experiment to be conducted August-September 2009. Files relevant to site selection criteria, wind fields, bottom topography, etc. may be found in this folder. Contact Tommy about these files if there are questions. This folder will be updated as planning for the Hawaii experiment evolves over the next few months.

15. Folder: SB_Mtg_Jan_08
This folder contains a file called Waves_Rays_SB_Mtg_Agenda_08_vers2 with information about the January Waves and Rays Meeting held in Santa Barbara January 6-9, 2008. Please see the meeting agenda for pertinent information.

16. pdf File from Marlon Lewis: CompleteEventLogKM08-18
This file has the Kilo Moana¡¯s event log with the time of each instrument deployment etc.