RaDyO Data

Santa Barbara Channel Benign Conditions Experiment (September 2008)

  • UCSB
    All CTD, ADCP, and optical data collected from Kilo Moana and FLIP during the SB Channel RaDyO experiment may be be obtained from RaDyO FTP site. Some of these data are still being processed, but all are useable for preliminary analyses. Updates will follow. These data sets are described in a preliminary data report.

  • SEA
    Optical profiler data collected from FLIP (0-30 m) between September 11-20, 2008. Also available are CTD, dO, Chl, and NTU data from a WET Labs, Inc. WQM mounted on the hull of FLIP (~30 m) from September 5-27, 2008. For the complete dataset on CD-ROM, please contact Grace Chang.

    Scripps Institution of Oceanography Pier Experiment (January 2008)

    The SIO Pier Experiment Sampling Timeline is available online.

  • M. Darecki and D. Stramski
    Data available online for underwater downwelling irradiance at 532 nm.
    Underwater Porcupine Radiance System.

  • J. Gemmrich
    Large and Intermediate Field-of-View Camera data available by contacting Johannes. File sizes are very large.

  • UCSB
    Optical profiler data collected on the South Side of SIO Pier between January 14-24, 2008. Limited dataset and plots (0.1-m binned) available online for ac-9, ac-s, bb-9, CTD, FL-NTU, and LISST. For the complete dataset, please contact Grace Chang.

  • K. Voss
    In-water polarized radiance distribution, sky polarized radiance distribution, and aerosol optical depth are available at optics-server.physics.miami.edu. Please contact Ken for login information.

  • WET Labs
    Data are processed and available online.
    IOP data and associated Header file;
    Dissolved data and associated Header file; and
    Cast Notes.

    The modelers were tasked with performing cut-off runs for various sea states. George and his graduate student, Julie Slanker, provided a nice write-up of the effects of changing the mean square slope on the simulated radiance field above and below the ocean surface. The write-up (pdf; ~1MB) can be downloaded by clicking on the wave icon below (~ 1MB). Thanks, George and Julie!!

    Kattawar Model

    GPS-based time synchronization for the SIO Pier Experiment is accomplished with Symmetricom WinSync NTP Client Software. RaDyO PIs can download the software here.

    WinSync NTP Client Software