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MOSEAN Data: Deployment 8

January 18 - May 11, 2007

Limited data files can be found on the DEPLOYMENT 8 DATA page. Some data figures are shown below.

(Click on images for larger versions)

The radiometers were not deployed during Deployment #8.

Temperature Temperature
Left: Stack plot of temperature (1-hr avg), Right: Contour plot of temperature (12-hr avg).

a c
Hyperspectral Left: apg at 4 m, Right: cpg at 4 m.
Top panels show a time series of 1-hr averaged spectra, bottom panels are stackplots of all spectra.
Note: Data are biofouled.

bb Chl a
Left: Spectral bbt at 4 m (top) and spectra bbt at 10 m; Right: Chl-a and phycoerythrin concentration at 4 m (top), and Chl-a at 10 m (bottom).