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Mamala Bay Project

The study of Mamala Bay was initiated by a consent decree, resulting from a law suit accusing the Sand Island Treatment Plant (SITP) wastewater to be responsible for pollution along the beaches of Mamala Bay (southern bay of Oahu). Our component of the study focused on the detection, mapping and characterization of SITP sewage plume.

This study was funded by the Mamala Bay Study Commission Fund, a component trust of Hawaii Community Foundation, and with additional funding from USC Sea Grant.

Special thanks to:
Scientists participating at the cruise: Burt Jones (PI), Tommy Dickey (co-PI), Derek Manov, Casey Moore, Michel LeHaitre, Philips Roberts, Jerry Wiggert, Dave Foley.
Scientists helping with laboratory experiments: Lisa Campbell, Bob Bidigare, Dave Karl, Zhihong Zhen, Mike Ondrusek, Michael Landry, Hector Nolla.