Grace C. Chang

Yes, it's true... people perceive me as short, vertically challenged, a half-pint. I like to think of myself as being of average height and everyone else as being unusually tall. Read my "Bio" to see where I get my short genes from. Thanks a lot, Mom and Dad.

I am known to be completely obsessed with my dog, "Peso", which is completely untrue. Visit his website to judge for yourself.

I am also accused of never being in town. Yeah, right - I'm here at least 35 weeks out of the year. See my "Travel" page to see the places where I've hung out.

When I am in town, some say that I spend too much of my free time watching, reading, and practicing some form of "Sports". So I can name all the NFL head referees. Big deal, who can't?

I am also known to be brutally honest and true to myself. And sometimes people think I have a pretty good sense of humor too.

I do have a serious side too, unfortunately. I am a scientist - an oceanographer. No, I do not study dolphins!! You can read about my "Research" interests, browse through my "Curriculum Vita", and check out some of my "Publications". Have any questions or comments? Please e-mail me email.