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The Hawaii Eddy Project

The goal of Hawaii Eddy project is to characterize the physical properties, estimate the primary productivity, quantify new production and export, investigate biomass and grazer influences, and compute growth associated with persistant eddies off Hawaii. Methods include remote sensing, ship-based drifters and transects of profiles (CTD + rosette, optics package), sediment traps, and laboratory experiments. The first Hawaii Eddy cruise was completed in late-November 2004. The next cruises are scheduled for January and March 2005.

The Hawaii Eddy project is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The lead P.I. of the project is Claudia Benitez-Nelson. Co-P.I.s are Robert Bidigare, Tommy Dickey, Mike Landry, and Carrie Leonard.

Satellite image of the Hawaii eddy field, provided by Bob Bidigare.

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