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CMO Deployment 3 Data Report

G.C. Chang, T.D. Dickey, D.V. Manov, D.E. Sigurdson, and J.D. McNeil
Ocean Physics Laboratory, University of California, Santa Barbara
6487 Calle Real Suite A, Goleta, CA 93117

Download CMO Deployment 3 data report text w/o figures (figures below)

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CMO Site Mooring Diagram
Fig. 1: CMO Site, Fig. 2: CMO Deployment 3 Mooring Diagram (Fig. 1 Courtesy of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

10m 30m
Fig. 3: 12m Sensor functionality timeline, Fig. 4: 30m Sensor functionality timeline

50m 70m
Fig. 5: 50m Sensor functionality timeline, Fig. 6: 68m Sensor functionality timeline

Fig. 7: Sensor Functionality Timeline for ADCP, SEACATS, TPODS

13m Fig. 8: 12m PAR, Lu 683, Temp, WETStar Fluor, and Beam c(660)

37m Fig. 9: 30m PAR, Lu 683, Temp, WETStar Fluor, and Beam c(660)

37m Fig. 10: 30m ac-9

52m Fig. 11: 50m PAR; Temp; Sea Tech, WETStar Fluor; Beam c(660)

52m Fig. 12: 50m ac-9

68m Fig. 13: 68m Temp; Sea Tech, WETStar Fluor; and Beam c(660)

Temp Fig. 14: Temperature stack plot

OAR Fig. 15: PAR at all depths

Fl Fig. 16: WETStar Fluor at all depths

bmc Fig. 17: Beam c at all depths

SC Fig. 18: Seacat Temperature, salinity, and density