Porter et al.: Remotely sensed ocean observations of the Coastal Mixing and Optics site from Synthetic Aperture Radars and Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometers


In this paper we have reviewed the remotely sensed data, cataloged it and used it to interpret a number of coastal phenomena related to the Coastal Mixing and Optics Experiment. We have 11 SAR images from ERS-2, 22 SAR images from Radarsat, and AVHRR images for the entire time of the experiment. We have used the SAR images and mooring data to estimate the speed of propagation of the internal waves. In addition we have used the method of Porter and Thompson [1999] to make estimates of the shelf parameters of thermocline depth and surface density based on observations from the SAR, bottom density data, and a simple two-layer model of the internal wave. We have also documented atmospheric disturbances in the SAR image as well as oceanic surface current disturbances caused by internal waves and flow over variable bottom topography.

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