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Arabian Sea Mooring Results

The data collected from this study is protected from public access for a two year period from the date of collection. Data are being made available within the two year proprietary period to encourage data synthesis. Anyone wishing to use this data in a presentation, report, thesis or publication should contact the originating PI. It is expected that all customary courtesies and privileges attached to data use will be strictly honored. Investigators who do not meet the above access requirements, but with interest in the Arabian Sea region, are encouraged to contact relevant participants and begin discussions and possible scientific collaborations. Data presented here were collected by Tommy Dickey of UCSB, John Marra of LDEO, and Bob Weller of WHOI.

Year Long Mets | Year Long Physics | Year Long Chlorophyll
NE Monsoon Mets | NE Monsoon Physics | NE monsoon Bio-optics

WindsWind speed and direction, heat flux, and wind stress
METSAir and SST, barometric pressure, relative humidity, surface PAR
HeatLatent and sensible heat flux, net SW and net LW radiation
TemperatureTemperature and 0.1oC MLD
TemperatureTemperature and 1.0oC MLD
VelocityStick plot of current velocity to 80m
ChlorophyllChlorophyll contour to 80m
WindsWind speed and direction and heat flux
METSAir and SST, wind stress, humidity, and latent heat flux
VelocityStick plot of velocity to 80m
Velocity35m east and north component velocity
Velocity35 and 80m velocity magnitude and direction
VelocityStick plot and temperature contour
HydrographyTemperature, salinity, and density
densityDensity contour
VelocityVelocity, temperature, PAR, and Chlorophyll at 35m
PARPAR at 0 amd 10m, Kpar(0-35), and Chlorophyll at 35m
ChlChlorophyll at 10, 35, and 65m and Kpar(0-65)
PARPAR at 0, 10, 35, 65, and 80m
MLDMixed layer depth and 1% light level