OPL Study Sites
Our studies primarily utilize advanced instrumentation deployed on moorings. Past and present mooring sites are shown in the map below. For details about specific projects, click on project names on the map below or visit our Projects page.

Project Map



The Ocean Physics Laboratory (OPL) is part of the Department of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Our principal investigator is Professor Tommy Dickey. Tommy is a faculty member of the Department of Geography and the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science.

OPL’s Primary Objectives

Interdisciplinary Science

  • Ocean Optics
  • Optics to investigate oceanic processes
  • Scales of oceanic variability
  • Biochemistry
  • Hurricanes
  • Ocean Eddies
  • Monsoons

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Technology Development and Testing

  • New optical and chemical sensors
  • New oceanographic platforms
  • Anti-biofouling methods
  • Data telemetry methods